Ford Parts

Our Parts Department stocks a huge range of approved and guaranteed Ford parts, spares and accessories to ensure your Ford vehicle remains in peak condition. All Ford parts are genuine and approved by Ford and will be fitted by our skilled technicians.

In addition to keeping an extensive selection of parts in stock at all times, we can also order parts for any make of vehicle and get it quickly, often on the same day.

speak to an expert...

Gary Walters is our Parts expert with over 30 years experience. Gary can quote for servicing of any make of vehicle along with repairs, tyres, batteries etc. all at a very competitive price.
Call Gary on 01983 730 478 or email him at
Our Parts Department is open Mon-Fri from 8.30am to 5.30pm

Why Choose Ford Parts?

Whitwell Garage will take as much care servicing and repairing your vehicle as Ford did building it.

Our highly skilled service teams will help keep your Ford in tip-top condition and safe to drive, which could also contribute to its resale value. Expect value for money, professional service and high quality parts, from the only people who know your vehicle inside out.

We’re determined to ensure your Ford protects you, your passengers and pedestrians. So Ford original parts are designed, manufactured and tested to meet and, in many instances, exceed statutory safety standards.

All parts of your Ford are designed to work together for optimum performance, complete comfort and maximum fuel efficiency. The same goes for Ford original parts, which are manufactured to the same strict specifications as the factory-fitted parts.

Ford original parts’ high standards of design and manufacture ensure the very best fit and finish, reliability and performance. They’re designed to fit perfectly without forcing, gaps or distortion, providing the same finish as production parts.

Keep your Ford 100% Ford, and you may be glad you did so, when you come to sell it. Insisting on Ford original parts could help maintain its resale value.

Whether for servicing, repairs or bodywork, or choosing Ford Accessories, your Ford Warranty gives you complete peace of mind. All repairs are carried out in line with the highest quality standards and if you decide to sell your Ford, the transferable warranty is an added benefit for the new owner.
The Ford perforation warranty for the whole vehicle only remains valid if Ford original parts are used for repair.

You can spot an authentic Ford original part by its branding. The easily recognisable trademark is often displayed in a prominent position.